Gear rental for our regular jumpers

Parachute Victoriaville offers its regular jumpers a whole range of rental equipment. We have several sizes available, ranging from 190 square feet to 300 square feet, to allow you to gradually and safely evolve into the sport. You will have access to student sails for beginners and intermediate canopies.

Characteristics of our rental equipments:

  • All equipped with Vigils
  • Harnesses manufactured by UPT and Wings and Vortex
  • Navigator and Silhouette canopies for beginner jumpers
  • Sabre2 and Storm canopies for intermediate jumpers
  • Reserve canopies manufactured by Performance Design

The Rigging Loft

Parachute Victoriaville is fortunate to be associated with Parachutisme Adrénaline Saint-Jérôme and can benefit from the rigging services offered in Saint-Jérôme. Indeed, the loft rigging at Saint-Jérôme is managed entirely by the head rigger Grégory Perrimond and extends over more than 1000 square feet. The entire team of experienced riggers can make the necessary repairs on your parachute. They can also change your lines. The rigging loft of Saint-Jérôme also serves a large clientele from other disciplines in which a parachute is required, such as glider schools, paragliders, para-motors enthusiasts, etc. Which use parachutes such as glider schools, amateurs of para-engines, paragliders etc.


Sports reserve repack



Cleaning your harness



Tandem reserve repack



Assembly and repack of sports reserves



Hourly rate for repairs



Parachute Victoriaville has all the necessary amenities for regular jumpers. Our indoor folding area offers you a place to bend in peace! On the jump area, there is a rest area in which there is a television that is made available to you to see your jumps. There is also a computer that is available to allow you to watch your aerial prowess.  Hammocks are also installed on the site to relax before the next flight. We are also fortunate to have an ideal landing field for beginners as well as a great place to light late in the day. We have a toilet and a shower to accommodate you directly inside the airport. All our clients are always welcome to camp on our site.

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