Should we book in advance?

Yes, you have to book. In some cases it will be possible make you jump on the day of your call, especially on weekdays, but availability must be sufficient. The time in advance is difficult to assess. Indeed, imagine that the weather is unfavorable 3 consecutive weekends, then there will be an important traffic for the jumps during the next weekend of fine weather. Let us say that generally, during the week, 3 to 5 days in advance are sufficient and 7 to 10 days for the weekends. You can always check our booking calendars to see the remaining places available.

Should a deposit be given at the time of booking?

Yes. The deposit allows us to ensure your presence on the day agreed for your first tandem parachute jump. A deposit of $ 50 per person will be required for booking. This deposit is non-refundable. However, it is transferable to another date if the weather is unfavorable. If you want to cancel, you can transfer your deposit to another person (be careful, a deposit = one person, so if you book for 7 people, there must be 7 people making a jump, so you can not Deposit to an existing jumper). The deposit remains in your account for a period of three years. If you do not show up for your appointment on the day agreed and the weather conditions allow the jump, your deposit will be lost.

How is the day of your parachute jumping?

You arrive on the day of the appointment at the prescribed time for your first parachute jump. We will ask you to reserve 4 hours of your time from your appointment time even if the event itself lasts about 1 h 30. Several constraints, including weather, can lead to delays in Rendezvous on the day of your parachute jump. You then proceed to the manifest where you will be asked to complete the parachute risk acceptance document. Shortly thereafter, you will follow a small training of about 15 minutes for people who perform a first tandem parachute jump. During your wait, if necessary, you will see the landing of the jumpers that precedes you, since these will take place right in front of you! Then comes the time for the dressing, the final revision and finally the embarkation. The flight will last 15 to 20 minutes during which you will fly over the Laurentians. When the exit altitude for your parachute jump is reached, the aircraft door opens and you approach the airplane firmly attached to your instructor. You start and … ecstasy begins! When the freefall part ends, the parachute opens and you will go on a canopy for 4 to 7 minutes. Finally, you will land in front of your loved ones.

Why the tandem adventure?

The adventure tandem is a product that was launched in 2015 as a result of exhaustive market research. Using a survey sent to many of our tandem customers, we were able to put together a new product that meets the wishes of our customers. While all parachute schools focus on freefall during a tandem jump, our survey revealed that, among the most enjoyable moments, freefall comes in fourth Position behind the exit, the opening of the parachute and the ride under wing. The survey also revealed that customers wanted more control, more information about parachuting and a more affordable price. The adventure tandem offers much more complete training that allows you to fly the parachute and carry an altimeter while providing the necessary information for those who would like to continue in the sport. In addition, by reducing the altitude of the jump, the adventure tandem allows the price to be cut considerably (essentially related to flight time, fuel and total take-off weight) while eliminating all the possible discomforts associated with a Elevated altitude and prolonged free fall (earache, very cold temperatures, difficulty breathing well). Free fall during a Tandem Adventure jump lasts nearly 25 seconds! We believe that this product will meet the expectations of our most demanding customers at an unprecedented price on the market.


What is the minimum age for a tandem jump?

The minimum age for a tandem jump is 14 years old with the permission of both parents. From the age of 16, the authorization of a parent is required. If parents can not be present at the time of the jump, it will be important that they complete and sign the parental consent form first. It will also be important to bring a photocopy of an identity document from the absent parent (s).

How do I dress when I jump in tandem?

Dress comfortably and normally according to weather conditions. If it’s warm, shorts and a t-shirt will be enough, on the other hand if it’s a cooler day, a cotton sweatshirt and a pair of pants is worn. Closed shoes are required (no sandals) and they must not have snags (hooks for laces). If this is the case, we will have to tape it to cover the hooks. You will also need to wear a jumpsuit that will be provided by the center and worn over your clothing for the duration of your experience.

How much does a tandem parachute jump cost?

The list of prices for the first parachute jumps is available here!


Could my jump be canceled?

We are very dependent on the weather. If it is raining, if the clouds are too low or the wind is too strong, we may have to resume your first parachute jump at a later date that suits you. Your jump can not be canceled, but it can be postponed in situations beyond our control.

Can I change the date and / or time of my jump?

Yes, you can move your jump at the time of your choice. However, we require a minimum of 48 hours in advance for any modification. If this condition is not met, the $ 50 deposit will be forfeited.

Do gift certificates have an expiry date?

No, gift certificates have no expiry date.  But they always retain their monetary value. However, tariffs may increase between the time the certificate is purchased and its use. In these cases, the difference in price will be required.

Can I bring a lunch on the site?

No problem! You can bring your lunch provided that it does not contain alcoholic beverages. Several picnic tables are available on the site of Parachute Victoriaville.



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