Capture your very first tandem skydive!!

Keep an unforgettable memory of your skydive adventure with our variety of picture and video packages. Parachute Victoriaville is at the forefront of technology and is constantly renewing itself to offer you a memory of impeccable quality. Less than an hour after landing, you will be able to watch your video. If the product does not please you, it is 100% satisfaction guarantee.

All our multimedia products include:

  • A guarantee of 100% satisfaction on your product
  • High-resolution digital pictures with an internal view (taken from your instructor’s wrist)
  • An web link to recover your memories

Comparison of the different options:

The Pictures option is a series of high resolution digital pictures taken from your instructor’s wrist, allowing an internal view as well as covering a wide angle.

The Pictures and Video option is the classic option. It is an internal view covering a wide angle and taken from the wrist of your instructor using two different cameras, one for pictures and one for video.

The Ultimum option is a montage between two view angles, the internal view taken from the wrist of your instructor and the external view taken by a third person with whom you will be able to interact during your free fall, making your experience even more outstanding. High resolution digital pictures taken from both view angles are also included in this option.


Pictures Option



Pictures and video option



External pictures and video option (upon availability)



Ultimum Option (upon availability)


Options Pictures Pictures and Video Ultimum
Internal View Pictures Included Included Included
Internal View Video No Included Included
Pro Editing Video No Included Included
External View Pictures No No Included
External View Video No No Included
Interaction with your external cameraman during free fall No No Included
Video Edit HD No Included Included
USB Key Optionnal: 5$ Optionnal: 5$ Optionnal: 5$

Internal or External camera view angle?

Here are some pictures to help you understand the different camera view angles:

External view angle captured by a third party

Exclusive view angle with the Ultimum option

Internal view angle captured by your instructor

Classic view angle available with all options

Exclusive internal view angle

Impossible to shoot with an external camera view. Offered with all options

Internal view angle taken from an external cameraman

Exclusive to the Ultimum option – the cameraman can play with you in the sky while taking pictures.


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